Application Integration

(Without Source Code)

Chapter 5

For many business professionals, part of the job entails going back and forth between third-party and home-grown applications. Providing mobile access, integrating applications, and changing workflows can be challenging in these environments because software vendors don’t typically provide source code.  Without the source, it’s virtually impossible to expose application functionality for APIs. Even if source code is available, customers are usually hesitant to make modifications because it’s risky, carries support implications, and can create code integration challenges when new releases are available.


New API tools create services from screen interactions and require no code changes. It’s even possible to incorporate cloud-based applications, since screen logic is also captured. You can service-enable your vendor applications even if you have no access to the source code itself, opening up new opportunities for both internal and external users. In many cases, access to previously unavailable data from a particular sector, application, or government entity can remove barriers to new markets.  

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