9 Ways to Unlock the Value of Your Enterprise Applications with APIs

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Your host-based enterprise applications are finely tuned to the way your business operates; however, many of them likely predate the internet age, and the original programmers had no way to anticipate today’s business workflows, complex integration needs, and mobile workforces. Today’s employees, customers, and partners require real-time information—often from multiple sources­—and need anywhere, anytime access to functions via web or mobile to do their jobs effectively.


Host-based enterprise applications were often built to protect transactional data from outside access. As a result, users are forced to try to find data on multiple systems, and they often end up with information from production data extracts that may be hours (or even days) old. Think of some common business needs:

  • Providing users with the ability to search for up-to-date product information from outside your company network

  • Quickly researching a customer’s status or orders for customer service and call routing purposes

  • Merging data from disparate applications into one centralized source for an enterprise view of business activity

  • Building KPI dashboards that give executives real-time snapshots of sales, service levels, margins, etc.

‚ÄčMany companies try to replace the host functionality by building it on another platform—an expensive and time-consuming effort that increases the risk of project failure, expense overruns, and delays. But that’s not the only option. Instead of expensive application replacement, it’s possible to unlock the value built in to your existing enterprise applications by using application programming interfaces (APIs) that expose these core functions via web services.

By API-enabling your enterprise applications, you can put the API economy to work for you: updating business workflows to match mobile and web usage, performing real-time analytics on your enterprise data, integrating internal or third-party applications to deliver user experiences that match your business workflows, and even charging for access to your valuable codebase.

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